The Archive and OKJA!!

“The Archive of the Movements of Inanimate Object” is playing as a short opener for “Okja” at the IFS in Boulder on the evening of Sunday Nov. 4th and Monday Nov. 5th. I know it’s on Netflix, but it’s better on the big screen, and in the temple of the moving image which we all know as Muenzinger auditorium.

Arrive by 7:15 (FYI: The short will start 15 minutes before the feature time) to see “The Archive of the Movements of Inanimate Objects”Here are two short reviews to read about the films:


A Review of Okja By A. O. SCOTT :

“Okja,” not unlike “E. T.,” is about how a young person achieves moral insight by connecting with and fighting for a nonhuman creature. Okja’s oppressors, like E. T.’s, are part of a system that refuses to recognize her as anything more than a thing…

…The human performers are all brilliant, but the movie belongs to its title character and her digitally conjured, genetically modified ilk. Okja is a miracle of imagination and technique, and “Okja” insists, with abundant mischief and absolute sincerity, that she possesses a soul.


A Review of AMIO By ALEX COX :

“Brilliant! …A lot of shorts (and longs) seem to have no message or moral purpose but your film absolutely does. It is a really strong statement not only against vivisection and cruelty to things we don’t understand, but also about the perversity of technology and the capriciousness of man, or the man/beast which we are. This is really fine thought-provoking work – beautifully realized and deeply disturbing. Thank you for doing it! ”