Chris Pearce’s films explore thought and play around particular subjects using specific techniques and materials. He cuts images and ideas from conscious life and resutures them in unconscious combinations to create dream worlds for the audience to enter into and get lost. He thinks of his films as the kind of dreams where you wake up with new understandings. 

Pearce’s work has screened at national festivals, galleries, and screening programs including the Maine International Film Festival, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and the First Person Cinema series at CU Boulder. He was invited for a residency at the Yaddo artist retreat in 2015 where he was supported to complete his most recent animated film, “The Archive of the Movements of Inanimate Objects”. Pearce received his BFA in Film Production from The University of Colorado and his MFA in Electronic Inter-Media from The University of Florida. He is currently working on multiple projects simultaneously including an episodic narrative about coming of age as a thief in Denver, an experimental animated attempt to revive the ghosts residing in the earliest 3D photography, and an abstract dance-fight film made entirely from garage and wood-shop scraps. Chris teaches film production courses in the Film Studies Department at the University of Colorado and endeavors to develop his students’ (and his own) ways of seeing through filmmaking.

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