This website was established by animator/filmmaker Chris Pearce in 2004 to showcase his motion picture and still image artworks.

Chris teaches filmmaking and animation at the University of Colorado and makes his own animated experimental films using a wide variety of tools and media. The main underlying process of the work is collage using varied techniques (drawing, photography, paper, analog, digital & motion picture) which is clearly represented in the collection of still image works on this page.

The title of this website “The Flicker Foundry” was chosen to highlight the paradoxically ephemeral-yet-persistent quality of animation, constantly stopping and starting, yet always reasserting movement, continuity, and life. Although many of the films cataloged on the site are animation, all of the works are documentary.

The most recent film catalogued here, “The Archive of the Movements of Inanimate Objects“, has screened at national and international festivals including the Meraki Film Festival in Madrid Spain. The earliest film, “Momposition“, won an award for writing, and inspired a redemptive review of the first annual Damah Film Festival in Seattle in 2001.

Chris is currently working on a live-action film that interrogates the relationship between on-screen violence and racial bias. He is also currently experimenting with 3D stereography as a form for new documentary animation.