The Archive Of The Movements Of Inanimate Objects

“…Brilliant! I greatly enjoyed The Archive. A lot of shorts (and longs) seem to have no message or moral purpose but this film absolutely does. It is a really strong statement not only against cruelty to things we don’t understand, but also about the perversity of technology and the capriciousness of man, or the man/beast which we are. This is really fine, thought-provoking work – beautifully realized and deeply disturbing.” 

Alex Cox

“If mind, as ancient sages taught, a never dying flame;

still shifts through matter’s varying forms, in every form the same;

Beware, lest in the worm you crush, a brother’s soul you find;

and tremble lest thy luckless hand dislodge a kindred mind.”

from The Mouse’s Petition, 1773, Anna Laetitia Barbauld