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Profound (or shallow?) Objectification

Profound objectification is a method of practicing a mind state of equanimity that a lot of artists are familiar with because it comes from practicing drawing, or photography, or painting, or sculpting, or any art practice where you’re doing a

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The Archive: notes…

  The Archive of the Movements of Inanimate Objects “I want people to take as much as they can from the movie. “It started as a basic psychodrama, with a character entering a space and investigating what seems strange and

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A Cultural History of Tai Chi

Working with both Scott Phillips, and a fantastic group of student filmmakers at the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, was an enlightening experience. Teaching filmmaking techniques while negotiating the extensive combination of history, kinesthetics, art, dance, music, and

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The A.M.I.O. at MIFFonEdge, July 2015

If you’re in the Waterville, Maine area and want to take in some art, my new film, (take a breath first) “The Archive of the Movements of Inanimate Objects”,  is in the MIFFonEdge exhibition there for a week or so. I won’t

Paper Motion Studies

Quick motion studies to work out ideas about continuity, discontinuity, and narrative in a frame series.   Blank Page: A stab at illustration of a mental construct without direct representation, but I had to rely on sound.    Something Else

Illustration of a Mental Construct Without Direct Representation

Illustration of a Mental Construct Without Direct Representation The basic concept here is that we are more creative in responding to something, whether real or imagined. Our first creation can be a supposition, an imagination that we can then respond