Telluride Film Fest 2014 review

20 fascinating films in 4 days.

Inbetween all those films the mind is filled with ideas. What better way to pass the time than make motion sketches. Blink, like the eyes of the aspens, and you may miss a few frames. Note: plenty of time to sleep when dead.

Telluride 2014 had a handful of gems to look for.

This caveat is unnecessary if you know me: I’m not one for the mainstream. Typically my list includes the strange-and-powerful over the fun-but-easily-forgotten.

Here are my lists (below) responding to the question “WILL YOU SEE IT AGAIN?” (and here’s a link to the program if you want to follow along)


Cried mild at “Wild” and I would do it again. This is how I like to cry. With atheistic forgiveness.

Grunts of approval after “Mr. Turner”. Strap me to the mast to resist the siren of this light!

Long persuasive discussions after “Diplomacy”. And I have an aversion to history.

Pensive shared moments after “The Look of Silence” (much less traumatic theater experience than “The Act of Killing” and a perfect supporting film, although it became obvious to me that the real shocker is not violence on screen but a lack of remorse). The heart of darkness is not a serial killer, but the everyday man turned into one by their government. Serial killing as a learnable skill (shudder again weeks later). “The Act of Killing” I could not see again, but this film I may watch every year.

Between Thanksgiving and Xmas, if I can find some dvds, you will find me screening “Baal”, “California Split”, and “Wicked Woman” as a triple feature, alone in the garage, with a bottle of Bulleit.

The POSSIBLY list:

If it get’s recut for release I may re-screen, “Mommy”, as a Silver-Linings-reality-check.

I may see, “The Salt of the Earth”, again if I’m with my family when I share it with them.

Some strange political optimism after “Rosewater”, This film may come back and be unavoidable.

The NO NEED list:

The over the top images and blunt manipulations of “Wild Tales” are indelibly stuck in my mind so why would I ever need to see it again. Zero subtlety to tease out with repeated viewings. A sort of masochistic kind of fun and humor that may be just right for you, however.

As it is simply validity for my paranoia, I will skip “Merchants of Doubt” next time, and simply worry while I do the dishes instead.

All the best,