Chris Pearce’s films explore playful appropriation by mixing varied source materials and techniques in a personal collage aesthetic. Inspired by a unique and unusual childhood, the subject of Chris’ films often grows from personal history, and the formation of identity.

“After cutting ideas from their contexts, I re-suture them into new memories to create dreams for the viewer to enter into and get lost. Getting ‘lost’, and the constant re-negotiation of place and direction, is exactly ‘where’ I want my audience to be while they’re watching. The urge to look at a map, but simply not having one available…”

Pearce’s work has presented in international festivals, galleries, and screenings including the Maine International Film Festival, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, First Person Cinema in Boulder, and The Meraki Film Festival in Madrid among others. Pearce was awarded a residency at the Yaddo artist retreat in 2015 where he completed his most recent film, “The Archive of the Movements of Inanimate Objects”. 

He received his BFA from the University of Colorado in Boulder and his MFA from the University of Florida in Gainesville. He teaches filmmaking courses in the Department of Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts at CU Boulder and the College of Arts and Media at CU Denver.

“My pedagogy grows out of the effort to develop new ways of seeing. I work with this same energy in my filmmaking practice, and sometimes in my basic perceptions of the world. I enjoy using recycled materials in my work because I’m deeply anchored to the process of finding beauty and wonder in the stuff of everyday life.”

Pearce is always working on several projects simultaneously. His current projects are an animated rebuttal of the ugly stereotyping of New York pigeons, a coming-of-age narrative about a young thief, and an animated-documentary that revives the ghosts residing in early 3D photography.