My films are documentaries because they present reality.

I’ve always been dubious of the concept of external reality. I don’t believe in it. What is often called internal reality, I simply call reality.

Most scientific traditions like physics, biology, chemistry, and even psychiatry, are rooted in the belief that materiality (or “matter-reality”) is the foundation of what we call “real”. As a cinematic illusionist I understand that reality is actually created in our consciousness and not in the world around us.

Of course, we can “prove” that matter exists using the scientific process, and that same “proof” is much more difficult to find for the existence of consciousness. We can also be pretty sure that everything is actually made up of matter, including our brains and bodies. However, as matter may be the foundation of our brains and bodies, it is not the foundation of our reality.

Experimental proof is the invocation of objectivity, and objectivity is the delusion that observations can be made without an observer. Invoking objectivity is the abrogation of responsibility. And denying our responsibilities in the construction of reality is an impotent perspective concerning our level of influence over what is real.

Reality is replete with all of our fantasies, life experiences and conditioning. In addition, all of our realities fall short of an accurate model of the world. Our realities are limited by our senses, embellished by our desires, and manufactured by our fears. My filmmaking practice represents these realities, the ones that truly live in our hearts and our minds.

Reality is illusory, and cinema is illusion. For this reason, I believe animation is the perfect and only medium for documentary.

C. Pearce

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