Movie poster for software development team

Movie poster for software development team
Team building poster for software development team


A software development team was doing some group building and wanted to use the aura of the cinema to hang their enthusiasm on.

They asked me to develop a “movie” poster for their team to communicate to the larger company what they do and how they see themselves. I thought it was a great idea for group building; to construct a group imagination of a cinematic narrative. We get invested in the story of cinema so easily and this is a great way to extend that investment into the real world. I can remember this same dynamic happening spontaneously in my grade school social groups (from 1st grade through grad school) where we would find commitment to our clique through imagined story lines of grandeur (let’s name our production company “precocious productions” or something else with specific identity). I should turn this into a full business model: Movie posters for group building and group identity branding!

It’s some of my best Photoshop work. I’m especially proud of the quality of reflected and refracted light inside the magnifier.