“We Just Wanna Talk To You!”

Through meticulous editing, this psychological experiment will focus you on your own visual pleasure of on-screen violence. It will isolate your own biases and make them visible to you – and only you. The experiment works by cornering your racial bias and turning it into the film’s subject so that you’ll have nothing to watch but your own mind.

The adrenaline rush you’ll get from experiencing the on-screen beatings, coupled with the intricate editing choices, becomes the vehicle for your own convoluted ethics. You’ll be drawn into the action through your identification with character, violence, and your desire for an ethical outcome. No two people will watch the same film.

The edit will encourage you to do your best armchair psychology, skeptical of the meanings in the film, and skeptical of the allegiances in your own heart. You will come away more educated and unsure of your own point of view. And the post screening dialog will be entirely between you and your own conscience.