Chris PearceI grew up in New York City in the mid Seventies. It was the beginning of the “you-can-be-anything-you-want” generation. Affectionately called “X”.

I found my curiosity and wonder as a child in the city and, consequently, I had a particular affinity for rectangular, compartmentalized spaces.

I moved out west and fell for the desert and high plains of colorado which is a landscape into which, ironically, you feel like you’re falling… And, unlike the city, there’s no place to hide.

As you fall in, you realize, there’s no climbing out.

I studied and worked in cell biology for many years before finding film making. I traded days looking through a microscope observing incremental time, for days looking through my Bolex constructing incremental time. I traded nights mixing chemicals in a laboratory for nights mixing chemicals in a darkroom. Both science and filmmaking can feel like lab work.

Filmmaking is one of the best exercises in life-long learning.  It’s a constantly changing process, both technically and spiritually, and that ongoing newness of mind compliments my work as a teacher. I was lucky to find CU Boulder Film Studies and study with Stan Brakhage, Phil Solomon, and Stacey Steers. Instead of teaching me their methods, these artists and teachers helped me along the path of my own way of seeing and making.

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