A fired-up attitude toward motion graphics animation.

Chris has been in business for himself as a freelance motion graphics animator alongside his teaching work and studio practice since 2002. The influx of new work and new ideas is the fuel that keeps the fire going. From working with artists negotiating digital media to documentaries teaching scientific concepts, he burns through the challenges as fast as paper.

The Flicker Foundry has created broadcast quality content locally for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Portal Productions Ltd., local Boulder artists, and The Film Studies Department at CU Boulder. Chris got his industry training making sugar cereal commercials at Celluloid Studios in Denver. He drew Tony the Tiger, Cap’n Crunch, and Toucan Sam before heading back to graduate school for his MFA. With his simultaneous experience in art making, teaching, and freelance for clients, Chris brings a unique perspective to all his endeavors.


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