The Portal

I worked for over two years with the producer/director of The Portal actualizing his visions and designing his experiments into an HD feature. This feature plays behind a live band of extremely talented musicians to create an immersive rock-concert-cinematic-experience. The entire show is precision and emotion to a degree I never thought possible. The feature film is synched to the frame with the music, live and recorded, like a two hour music video.

This project, The Portal, was a test of technique and intuition working collaboratively. At the end of each week I would be utterly drained of my left and right brain simultaneously. It was a fantastic learning experience both technically and creatively.

This video is a rough assembly of a tiny fraction of the animation and compositing that I created for the film. Every shot in this assembly was fully composited. In some cases you can see clearly what was illusion and in some cases it looks so real you may be fooled. I now know Adobe After Effects inside and out. Enjoy.