Univ. of Washington reviewer praises “Momposition” in a redemptive review of the Damah Film Festival in 2000

Excerpt from a review of “Momposition” at the “Damah Film Festival” from “The Daily”, Univ. of Washington newspaper (original review page linked here)

The prime example of a film about spirituality, that is not about god or religion, and the one shining moment of the entire film-festival was a tragically underrated animated/experimental short titled Momposition. It tells the story of a man meeting his biological mother for the first time. It is silent and magnificent. It’s a clip of about 30 frames of actual 8mm footage of the man as a child. It is haunting. It, without discussing god or religion, brought to me a knowledgeable transformation, what Damah claims to attempt. Including films like these make me think that maybe there’s hope for this festival yet.

  • Patrick Salmon

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