The Dreams of Dish Soap

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soapboards-copysoapboards-copy2soapboards-copy3I see sex selling everything from cars to toilets. It’s a compulsion of media advertizing. But not every concept is compatible with sex and it’s a compulsion of mine to unmask irony. I’m often drawn to the unconscious intentions rather than the conscious ones.

Anthropomorphism in advertising has a long history. I know what you’re thinking, “a cigar is sometimes just a cigar”, that’s true, and a theorist shouldn’t always assume that the conscious aims are a cover for the unconscious ones… But, an animator should!

This Technicolor Chiquita Banana Spot from the United Fruit Company in the 1940’s is by no means engaged in gender play or innuendo…

In this drive-in intermission interstitial, the reluctant-yet-obedient hot dog is food for thought (innuendo at 2:10 mins)“Innuendo-and-out-the-other” as I always say. This spot is still being shown at the 88-Drive-In Denver between features.

I channeled this salacious anthropomorphism I call “Dream Of The Dish Soap” (below) from the examples above and my full adolescence being persuaded by images of sexy consumer objects of desire.